Top 3 Best Ways to Watch Ad-Free YouTube Videos

12 December 2021 By Riya Singh 0
Top 3 Ways to Watch Ad-Free YouTube

How do ads benefit YouTube?

The ads that you come across while surfing YouTube are highly beneficial for YouTube. It is the best for promotion of your brand on a broader public forum. They can easily connect to people and their emotions and increase the marketing of their products. Plus ads are the best ways of income for the YouTube channels. But when it comes to the audience, don’t we prefer avoiding the ads? Yes, all of us do. The ads irritate us and come in our way to watch and enjoy videos. Everyone using YouTube is always concerned about how to watch ad free YouTube videos and wants to know the Best Ways to Watch Ad-Free YouTube Videos.

The number of ads at the beginning,

middle and the end of YouTube videos

have grown considerably in the last

few years.

Is it possible to watch YouTube videos without ads?

Yes, it is possible to watch YouTube without ads. One might ask if the best ways to watch ad free YouTube videos come for free. It is feasible and you don’t have to subscribe to YouTube Premium for that. In today’s big data age, nothing is impossible with the help of different apps and software that are being developed daily. How to watch ad free YouTube videos is thus not difficult anymore.

Watch YouTube with the help

of a browser to avoid seeing

ads with videos.

Three tools to remove ads on YouTube videos

There are many ways to remove ads on YouTube. We have listed for you the 3 best ways to watch ad free YouTube videos. The list is as follows:

i. Subscribe to the Premium version of YouTube: You just have to pay some amount of money every month and then you will not be bothered about how to watch ad free YouTube videos. For a month you will be able to watch YouTube videos for free without any ads.

ii. Ad blocking software: Ad blocking software is in today’s times one of the best ways to watch ad free YouTube videos. If you are using YouTube from your phone, just turn on the phone version of the ad blocker. Android and iOS have different versions of ad blockers. But it is not possible to use the native version of YouTube if you want to install ad blocker software. However, it is easier to install ad blocking software on computers.

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Use a third party app to watch

YouTube videos. That way, you

will not require root access.

iii. Use a browser: By far, the best way to watch ad free YouTube videos is that you have to use a browser to watch videos on YouTube. Ad blockers can’t block many ads on YouTube. So it is better to open YouTube from any browser.


Can you block YouTube ads for free?

Yes, you can block YouTube ads, that too free of cost. You can use the application AdBlock for YouTube to do ads and banners on YouTube.

Is there a YouTube app without ads?

Any application with a premium version is more or less ad free. You can download YouTube Premium and enjoy ad free videos.

How do I get rid of ads on YouTube app?

It is possible to get rid of YouTube ads. Either buy YouTube Premium or enjoy surfing YouTube without ads by using AdBlock for YouTube.