Top 10 Free Tool that Helps on How to Get First Social Media Followers

5 December 2021 By Esha Manna 0
Top 10 Free Tool that Helps on How to Get First Social Media

How many people use social media?

The 21st century is the time when people of almost all age groups have access to social media. Did you know that each person spends almost two and a half hours on an average on social media all over the world?

Most of the social media users are worried about How to Get Social Media Followers because all of us want attention to the posts we make. Thus we always remain concerned about how to get social media followers fast.

On an average over 2.7 billion people

use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn

and Messenger.

What are the free tools to gain followers fast?

There are plenty of ways to boost the number of follows on social media. You will be glad to learn that we have listed 10 free tools for how to get social media followers.

i. Social mention: It is a free web tool that helps you in tracking mentions in your blog or content on social media. Always choose positive and neutral mentions to boost followers in your post. This web tool helps to tag and mention target audience depending upon the type of your post.

ii. Hootsuite: It is a tool for automation of social media. It helps in customizing streams in monitor and look for brand mentions in different channels.

iii. TweetDeck: Bloggers bothered about how to get social media followers fast should definitely use this free tool owned by Twitter for data analysis. You can also track your interaction on Twitter and track out innovative keywords and hashtags.

TweetDeck helps in monitoring multiple

accounts on Twitter and is owned

exclusively by Twitter.

iv. SumAll: This is one of the top free tools for social media followers that sorts through various data and finds out the trends on the social media platforms.

v. Followerwonk: This top free tool for social media followers pays attention to Twitter alone. The free version of this tool reaches out for 25,000 followers.

vi. HowSociable: As the name itself suggests, this tool looks after how sociable you are on social media platforms. The free version of this tool allows you to check your performance on 12 sites that includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and WordPress and gives you a score based on your performance.

With the help of premium HowSociable,

you can track your record on 36 social

media platforms.

vii. Klout: This top free tool for social media followers scores your reach on different social media platforms. It also shows your weak and strong points on social media and helps you to schedule your posts and attract brands to your post.

viii. TweetReach: This is an exclusive tool for Twitter and gives you details of your target audience, followers and mentioning the brands.

ix. CrowdFire: Worried about how to get social media followers on Twitter and Instagram? CrowdFire helps you manage your account and your social media engagement.

x. A rival tool to Hootsuite and Buffer this is a free tool helps you on how to get social media followers fast by automating your social media. With the free version of this tool you can access upto 5 social media platforms at once. helps you to make

upto 10 posts each day.

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How to gain followers easily?

There are many premium apps that helps with how to get social media followers. Since they take money, their performance is a bit better than the free tools. But the top free tools for social media followers are simple and easy data analysts for your social media accounts and keeps track of your posts.


How do you get 1000 followers on social media?

Invite your friends as audience to like your account and ask them to share your contents and your account link as much as possible. This will easily bring 1000 followers organically on social media.

What is a good growth rate for social media followers?

A monthly growth of 5%-8% is a mandatory requirement for rapid growth in social media following. Allow yourself to follow specific brands and always target on having more followers than followings.

How do I increase my follower count?

Publicity of your account plays the most important role in increasing followers. Focus on gaining real followers and keep less followings. Post more and more to grab the attention of your audience and get people to talk about your profile and content.

How do people get 1000 Instagram followers?

Share your profile link through various social media platforms and fix a target audience for your content and use relevant hashtags. Use widgets on your social media content.