The Benefits of Proper Readability Score in SEO Content Writing

22 July 2021 By Payel Das 0
Readability Score in SEO content

What is a Readability Score?

In general, it measure of how easy it is to read your text. Doesn’t it seem self-evident? However, because people read at different levels, what a Master’s student deems legible may differ from what a high school freshman considers readable. What I can read may not be readable to you. There will be confusion, uncertainty, and irritation around your content if you write simply to what you think is readable for you without considering others. As a result, there’s a score for readability. This discussion will make a sense on Readability Score in SEO Content Writing.

A readability score is used to determine the minimum reading level required to comprehend your content. The number of people who will be able to read and understand your material will decide your score.

You may establish roughly what level a reader needs to understand your material using tools like the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Tests, Yoast SEO, and even Grammmarly. Other metrics and scales exist, some of which are more subjective than others and take into account different factors. But this is what determines readability for the most part:

  • Length of the sentence.
  • Too many short sentences give the material a staccato effect, as though it starts and stops frequently.
  • The reader will lose focus if there are too many extended sentences in the information.
  • Scan ability.
  • Small length paragraphs.
  • Use of headers.
  • Increase the level of vocabulary.
  • Use common and simple words that are easy to understand.
  • Use active voice to enhance the readability score.
  • Utilise transition words whenever it is required.

You can employ a variety of readability tests, but the Flesh-Kincaid readability score is one of the most prominent. The Flesch-Kincaid score is included into most online tools that check your content for readability (like and Yoast SEO). Let’s look at that scale in particular, with that in mind.

This formula can also be used: Add 1.015 to the average sentence length. Add 84.6 to the average word length. Add the two figures together. Subtract this amount from the total of 206.835. Your readability score is the difference between the two.

When you can be sure that your readability score is enough?

A high readability score indicates that a big number of people will be able to understand it. A readability score is intended to aid in the conversion of reading comprehension into an equation. What is the length of your sentence? How many words and how many syllables are there in each paragraph? Are the words you’re using difficult to understand? What is the total number of sentences? All of these criteria play a role in deciding the readability score you’ll earn. It’s crucial to understand how the score is calculated so you can figure out what parts you need to work on to enhance your score if necessary.

Why is a Readability Score so Important?

For numerous reasons, you should concentrate on readability scores. Above all, you want to make sure that your customers can understand and thoroughly engage with your material. When you’re writing, you’ll also want to make sure that all of your thoughts are well-organized and easy to comprehend. There are various simple things you may do to improve your writing if consumers are unable to understand the argument you are conveying. You also want to make sure that your writing’s reading comprehension matches that of your intended audience.

And besides, if your target audience is having trouble reading your content, you’re probably missing out on a chance to expand your business. It’s critical to ensure that your target audience can consume your material in the most effective way possible because this leads to the customer getting more invested in the content. They are more inclined to establish brand loyalty if they are more immersed in the material.

There are several distinct readability ratings that are frequently used, and it’s crucial to understand how each one is calculated. After all, you’ll need to be able to read the score to figure out how to improve it in the future. Because it is one of the most often used readability scores, the Grammarly readability score is crucial to comprehend.

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What is a Grammarly Readability Score?

On a scale of 0 to 100, the Grammarly readability score is given. The highest possible score is 100, which indicates that your content is easily understood by a large number of people. Your score will likely come closer to 0 if you write on more complicated subjects. This isn’t to say that the content isn’t good; it merely indicates that a large majority of customers find it difficult to read. A lower Grammarly readability score isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re trying to attract a highly educated audience.