Grammarly: The Smartest Way to Avoid Errors While Writing in English, Most Efficient Among Grammar and Spelling Checkers

14 July 2021 By Namrata Dhar 0
Grammar and Spelling


            In present time, due to an indispensable effect of globalization, proficiency in error -free English writing is one of the most important skills that ensures a successful career and a high-quality lifestyle as well. It is noteworthy to mention that, while writing any computerized document, the built-in Grammar and Spelling Checkers play an important role to make the article flawless. Grammarly is a newly launched platform in this context that checks any English document in a way far better than the usual software, suggests the writer the necessary corrections, and enhances the readability and uniqueness of the article.

Services Offered by Grammarly

            Grammarly is a cloud platform, which can examine anykind of English document. This software can be used to write polished articles in laptops, tablets, desktops or even in smartphones (both in Android or iOS versions). An online-editor, a desktop app, and a Microsoft Office add-in of this software are available. Additionally, for the smartphone users, there is a Grammarly Keyboard that assists the writers while writing from mobile phones. Moreover, the Grammarly browser extension offers the users to check their writings in their preferable websites, such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Scientific Methods on which Grammarly Works

            Grammarly is based on the principles of highly technical artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning methods. Renowned computational scientists and engineers are associated with this software. The critical algorithm of Grammarly is designed in such a way that it can differentiate between good and bad writing very efficiently. Any document is analysed by the AI and deep learning methodologies of Grammarly and then the suggestions are offered by it to improve the style of the sentences. Sometimes, grammatical corrections are advised, sometimes better synonyms are proposed or sometimes the structure of a sentence itself is suggested to be rearranged to make it clearer. Any futile recommendation by Grammarly can be ignored very easily to get more helpful ideas.

Uniqueness of Grammarly Over Built-in Grammar and Spelling Checkers

            Conventionally, correct English writing refers to only the errors related to spelling, punctuation, and grammar. However, an article, which is corrected in this traditional way is not always that much readable or compelling to impress others. The main difference of Grammarly with usual checkers lies in this factor. Grammarly takes care of not only spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors, but also identifies other common mistakes like vagueness, wordiness, hedging, wrong sentence structure, poor choice of word, and plagiarism relates issues in an article. Moreover, this smart AI-powered software is also aware about the context (personal or professional), for which the topic is written and suggest the improvement on the basis of that.

Installation Guide of Grammarly

            The only requirement to install Grammarly is to have an internet connection, because it is a completely web-based software. It is available in the internet at free of cost and installation procedure is also very straight-forward. A Green coloured “G” appears in the lower right corner of the text domain when it is installed appropriately in a device.

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            Overall, Grammarly is an intellectual software that can suggest the errors, beyond to spelling, grammar, and punctuation in a document and makes it more impressive for the readers. Hence, in current time, Grammarly can be regarded as one of the latest innovations that is sufficient enough to fix all type of mistakes while writing and improve the writing skills even for the newcomers.